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Session ID Title Author
Track A. The Evolving Epidemiology of HIV in Asia and the Pacific
SaPA001 How to engage community for Anti Retroviral Treatment in Pakistan ? SABIR FARHAT (Pakistan)
SaPA002 HIV Risk Behaviors in Trusted 'Sweetheart' Relationships among Entertainment Works in Cambodia Dan Borapich (Cambodia)
SaPA003 Inconsistent Condom Use Among MSM in Cambodia Ly Cheaty (Cambodia)
SaPA004 High Risk Behavioral Compare of Cross Border Myanmar and Local Chinese IDUs Jun Rui Zhong (China)
SaPA006 Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in Ha Noi, Viet Nam Quoc Nguyen (Vietnam)
SaPA007 The Impact of Comprehensive Complementary Intervention with Sex Worker and Their Male Client on Condom Use Chakrey Un (Cambodia)
SaPA008 Risk Behavior Difference Between Myanmar and China IDU at China-Myanmar Border Area Li Hua Yang (China)
SaPA009 Risky Behaviours Among Young Urban Professionals in the Philippines Richard Howard (USA)
SaPA010 Risk Sexual Behavior Between HIV Positive Clients and HIV Negative Partners at MMT Clinics Ling Deng (China)
SaPA011 Sexual behavior among second-year vocational school students in 24 provinces by gross provincial product level, 2005-2008 Kantichon Pinchaipat
SaPA013 Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and Risk Behaviour among International Volunteer Development Workers Padam Simkhada (Nepal)
SaPA014 HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Stigma and Sexual Behavior Among High School Students in Tiom Papua Yunika Puspa Dewi (Indonesia)
SaPA015 Analysis of Baseline Survey of IDUs in Guilin, Guangxi, China Xiaoqing Wen (China)
SaPA016 Trend of Early Diagnosis of HIV Infection in Tokyo in This Decade Tsunefusa Hayashida (Japan)
SaPA017 Perinatally HIV Infected Adolescents and Young Adults: The Emerging Face of AIDS Epidemic Vinay Kulkarni (India)
SaPA018 Estimation Number of People at Risk for HIV and PLHA at District Level in Indonesia, 2009 Muhammad Farid (Indonesia)
SaPA019 HIV and Syphilis Infection Among Men Who Have Sex With Men Attending The Silom Community Clinic In Thailand, 2005 - 2010 Wipas Wimonsate (Thailand)
SaPA020 Rapid Increasing HIV Prevalence among Men Who Have Sex with Men in China: Implications from a Meta-analysis Lei Zhang (Australia)
SaPA021 Trends of Mode of Transmission and New Case Finding of HIV-Associated TB of New Outpatients-People Living with HIV in Cipto Mangunkusumo National Public Hospital Frans Liwang (Indonesia)
SaPA022 The Profile of Korea HIV/AIDS Cohort Study MeeKyung Kee (Republic of Korea)
SaPA023 AIDS-Related Malignancies in Thailand, 1995-2009 PATOMPHONG KHAMVISAT (Thailand)
SaPA024 First round of Integrated Biological Behavior Surveillance in Migrant Thailand 2010. Watcharapol Srinor (Thailand)
SaPA025 Acceptable information concerning heroin substitution changes the way Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) to transfer into Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) Abdul Rachim (Indonesia)
SaPA026 Routine Behavioral Tracking of MSM in Kunming, Nanning and Honghe Prefecture, Southwestern China: Key Findings from 2010 Study Kai Wang (China)
SaPA027 Sri Lanka; a Scenario from a Low Level HIV Epidemic Ariyaratne Manathunge (SriLanka)
SaPA028 Fifteen Years of Experience in Treating HIV-infected Patients at a Single HIV Center of a Government Hospital in Northern Thailand Naho Tsuchiya (Japan)
SaPA029 Current Situation and Future Projection of HIV Epidemic in Indonesia Asep Hidayat (Indonesia)
SaPA030 Prevalence of resistance-associated-mutations among HIV-infected persons receiving antiretroviral therapy in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Thailand Nussara Khampachua (Thailand)
SaPA031 Rapid Behavior-Survey as a Practical & Efficient Method of IDUs Behavior Changes Evaluation Program in Indonesia Arif Iryawan (Indonesia)
SaPA032 Changing Demographic Characteristics of Serodiscordant Couples in Five Districts of Karnataka, South India Ayesha De Costa (Sweden)
SaPA033 A dual infection of HIV and Syphilis in pregnant woman, Nan province, Thailand, 2008-2010 Kantichon Pinchaipat (Thailand)
SaPA034 Association between HIV Infection and Syphilis Infection among Female Sex Workers in Thailand, 1999 ? 2009 Nipon Sankot (Thailand)
SaPA035 HIV Prevalence Among Mobile Voluntary Counseling And Testing (MVCT) Clients In Rural Areas Of Northern Thailand After Two Decades Of Epidemic And Prevention Effort. Surasing Visrutaratna (Thailand)
SaPA036 Art-based therapy ? an interactive approach for better participation of OVC in Vietnam TINH THI LUONG (Vietnam)
SaPA037 Barriers to Access Health Service for Most at Risk Young People in Cambodia Tuot Sovannary (Cambodia)
SaPA038 Exposure to interventions helps: health care seeking among FSW in Yunnan, China Zhongqiang Ming (China)
SaPA039 Different Methods Of Recruitment, Different Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) Populations? Quoc Nguyen (Vietnam)
SaPA040 The Correlations of HIV and Risky Injection Behavior of Myanmar IDUs Crossing border in China-Myanmar Border Town Yuan Ruan (China)
SaPA041 Vietnam Cross Border CSWs High Risk Behavior and HIV Infection Ming Xue (China)
SaPA042 High-risk Behaviour related Infections among Addictive Substance Users in the Colombo District, Sri Lanka Hasitha Tissera (SriLanka)
SaPA043 Gender-Related Issue and HIV Risk Behaviour among Women Who Inject Drugs in Yogyakarta and Central Java, Indonesia Elan Lazuardi (Indonesia)
SaPA044 Clients of Female Sex Workers: Changes in Risk Behavior, HIV and STI Prevalence in Southern States of India Prabuddhagopal Goswami (India)
SaPA045 Sexual Transmission of HIV among Elder People in rural Hunan Province, China Jun Zheng (China)
SaPA046 Recent Large Declines In Regular Injectors In Nagaland, North-East India: Findings From Peer-led Operational Research Chumben Humtsoe (India)
SaPA047 Understanding Sexual Behaviors Of Single Male Migrants For Effective HIV AIDS Programming: A Case From Southern India Arin Kar (India)
SaPA048 Do Solicitation of Male Clients through Cell Phone Influence Sexual Risk Behaviour of Mobile FSWs in Southern India? Bidhubhusan Mahapatra (India)
Track B. Advances in Basic and Clinical Sciences
SaPB001 Isoniazid Preventive Therapy Pilot Program in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 2009 - 2010. Tran Thinh (Vietnam)
SaPB002 Adequacy of Pain Management in HIV+ Northern Thai Nathaniel Robbins (USA)
SaPB003 Baseline and mortality data from a randomized controlled trial to assess the effect of peer support on HIV virological treatment failure rate in Vietnam Chuc Nguyen (Vietnam)
SaPB004 Monitoring of ART Related Adverse Events in Hanoi, Viet Nam Nguyen Thi Bich Ha (Vietnam)
SaPB005 The Trend of Death among HIV/AIDS in Three places in Yunnan,China Liangmin Gao (China)
SaPB006 Alternative system of Medicine & HIV Treatment Adherence : Experiences in developing nations Pramod Shankhpal (India)
SaPB007 Cepharanthine Controls HIV-1 Infection by Inhibiting The Fusion of Virus. Kouki Matsuda (Japan)
SaPB008 Quality and Diversity of Antiretroviral in Nepal Dipendra Karki (Nepal)
SaPB009 HIV-Infected Patients With Old Age, Low BMI and Advance WHO Clinical Stage Vulnerable to Immunological Failure after Initiating Antiretroviral Therapy: A Retrospective Cohort Study in Thais Kyaw Min Soe (Thailand)
SaPB010 A Clinical Study on Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy in Hunan Province, China Min Wang (China)
SaPB011 Cohort Analysis of Antiretroviral Treatment Outcome of HIV/AIDS Patients at Sulianti Saroso - Infectious Diseases Hospital (SS-IDH), Jakarta, Indonesia from 2004 - 2009 Janto Lingga (Indonesia)
SaPB012 First-line ART in Ho Chi Minh City: The First Five-year Outcomes THI TUYET NHUNG VO (Vietnam)
SaPB013 The Transgender Health Handbook: Community Participation in the Development of Population Specific Materials Byung Chu Kang (USA)
SaPB014 Prevalence and Risk Factors of Low Bone Mineral Density in Korean HIV-Infected Patients Hee-sung Kim (Republic of Korea)
SaPB015 HIV/AIDS Treatement Using Sari Dinda Herbal Hamonangan Simarangkir (Indonesia)
SaPB016 Reduced Immune Response to Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine in HIV-infected Japanese Subjects Shugo Sasaki (Japan)
SaPB017 The Relationship between CD4+ T-Lymphocyte Count and Tuberculosis Type in TB-HIV Coinfected Patients in Indonesia Rudy Kurniawan (Indonesia)
SaPB018 Is CD4 downregulation by HIV-1 Nef protein essential or dispensable for optimally functional viral particles? Ushani S Rajapaksa (United Kingdom)
SaPB019 Clinical Operations Group: Providing Critical Support for Quality HIV Research Saowanit Getchalarat (Thailand)
SaPB020 Regulation of IL-7 Production in Stromal and Intestinal Epithelial Cells by Cytokines in Relation to HIV-1 Infection Thang Pham Hong (Vietnam)
SaPB021 Evaluation of HIV-1 Infection in Infants by PCR Assays on Gag and Envelope (env) Genome Regions. Durairaj Anitha (India)
SaPB022 Treatment Outcome Among Women With Previous Exposure to AZT Monotherapy for PMTCT and Who Were Later Started on ART Trupti Darak (India)
SaPB023 Failure Of Firstline Antiretroviral Therapy In HIV Seropositives As A Consequence Of Inadequate Adherence To Firstline Drugs Vidyashankar Nanjundaswamy (India)
SaPB024 Forums needed to address burning Issues of HIV drug resistance Pramod Shankhpal (India)
SaPB025 Where Do You Start? Creating a Training Program for Indonesian Doctors in HIV and Harm Reduction Pandu Riono (Indonesia)
SaPB026 First Look on the Factors of Treatments Effectiveness of Harm Reduction Group for HIV Infected Injection Drug Users Deng-Min Chuang (Taiwan)
SaPB027 Methadone therapy; Changing the illicit Drug Become Managed by the Government Abdul Rachim (Indonesia)
Track C. Meeting the Challenge of Universal Access - Treatment, Care, Support, Prevention and
                 Social Protection
SaPC001 Partnership Mechanism for Treatment, Care and Support for People Living with HIV (PLHIV) in Mindanao Alma Mondragon (Philippines)
SaPC002 Participation of Community-based Organizations in supporting ART Services Donglin Yang (China)
SaPC003 Evidence-based Advocacy for Cotrimoxazole Prophylaxis (CTP) Led to Policy Changes in India Sonal Mehta (India)
SaPC004 Treatment Outcomes Among the Clients Cohort on Anti Retroviral Therapy: Findings From Four-Year HIV Cohort Data From Kathmandu Valley, Nepal Rajshree Thapa (Nepal)
SaPC005 Two Years Post HAART Analysis in 3 ART Centers of AAS in Bangladesh Nilufar Begum (Bangladesh)
SaPC006 Lessons Learnt And Challenges In Access To Care, Treatment And Support For HIV+: The Case Of Lao PDR Chansy Phimphachanh (Lao People's Democratic republic)
SaPC007 Antiretroviral Treatment For Children- Experience From Bangladesh Samina Choudhury (Bangladesh)
SaPC008 Chronic Hepatitis B Treatment Outcomes In HIV Co-Infected Patients In Mumbai, India Petros Isaakidis (India)
SaPC009 Gender Differences in HIV/AIDS Client Satisfaction: Counselors’ Perspectives Paramita Dutta (India)
SaPC010 Using “North-South” and “South-South” Technical Support to Achieve Universal Access to Care, Support and Treatment: the TACHIN and Lao-TACHIN Projects Belinda Meggitt (Australia)
SaPC011 Community-Based Comprehensive Management Could Effectively Reduce the Mortality among PLWHAs in Minority Areas Peng Liu (China)
SaPC012 Monitoring the Key to Universal Access: Development of Draft Community Systems Strengthening Indicators for Global Fund HIV Work in Myanmar by Seven Networks of Community-Based Groups and Organisations Working on HIV in Myanmar Myo Kyaw Lynn (Myanmar)
SaPC013 The Positive Family ? The Need for an Umbrella Approach Laila Garda (India)
SaPC014 Developing Estimates and Projections for Sub-National Clusters to Optimize the Planning and Resource Allocation for HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment in Viet Nam Masaya Kato (Vietnam)
SaPC015 A Surevey on Existing Program and Gaps for Female Drug Users in Nepal Heten Thapa (Nepal)
SaPC016 Advocacy for strengthening the supportive/enabling to access HIV/AIDS services for female drug users Anju Gurung (Nepal)
SaPC017 Characteristics and clinical outcome of HIV/AIDS patients receiving anti retroviral Therapy in Wapeepathum Hospital, Mahasarakam Province, October 2006 ? September 2010 Kannika Tanakhan (Thailand)
SaPC018 Differential Child Delivery Management Practices in Indian States Ravisankar Athimulam Kulasekaran (India)
SaPC019 Moving Beyond ART: Interventions for HIV Positive Women Patience Bulage (Uganda)
SaPC020 Decentralizing Treatment Services with Link ART Centres: Experience from Karnataka, South India Suresh Shastri (India)
SaPC021 Networking, A Tool For Uniting Actions Aung Yu naing (Myanmar)
SaPC022 Extension of ART Services to Non-insured, Non-Thai, AIDS Patients in Thailand Nattaporn Kongsakunkrai (Thailand)
SaPC023 Predictors of Chronic Pain in HIV+ Northern Thai Nathaniel Robbins (Thailand)
SaPC024 Reaching MARPs Through Peer-Friendly, Integrated HIV Care Services in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Chettana Pav (Cambodia)
SaPC025 Efforts To Improve Access To Care And Treatment For PLHIV Sex Workers(SWs) In Mumbai, India-The "Aastha" Experience Maninder Kaur Manihani (India)
SaPC026 Community-Based PMTCT Reaching Mothers and Babies in a Remote District of Nepal Kamala Moktan Shrestha (Nepal)
SaPC027 Scaling up the HIV Response in Papua New Guinea Through a Public-Private Partnership Kevin Vincent Miles (Papua New Guinea)
SaPC028 Public-Private Partnerships in Prevention and Control HIV in Papua New Guinea Sakiko Tanaka (Japan)
SaPC029 Aastha Experiences of Operationalizing a Continuum of Care Intervention with Sex Workers in Mumbai, India Sharmila Jadhav (India)
SaPC030 Enhancing VCCT and PPTCT among Female Spouses of HIV Positive Men through Conditional Cash Transfers in Pakistan Bettina Schunter (Pakistan)
SaPC031 People Living With HIV & AIDS Stigma Index In Pakistan Saeed Khan (Pakistan)
SaPC032 The Role of nurses in prescribing ARVs in the ART era, what is the way forward Agali Namugwere (Uganda)
SaPC033 Treatment 2.0 in Practice: A United Strategic Framework for Implementation Bridging Bio-Science and Human Rights (Experiences from China) Thomas Cai (China)
SaPC034 Exploring the Needs of Women Lving with HIV in Nepal and Access to Health Services Chandrakala Chaulagai-Oli (Nepal)
SaPC035 Improve access to Continuum of Care for the People Living with HIV/AIDS and Children Affected with HIV/AIDS Kolnary Kasem (Cambodia)
SaPC036 Treatment literacy for people living with HIV/AIDS coinfected with HCV and HBV Thanh Dong Duc (Vietnam)
SaPC037 Positive Impact in the Lives of People Living with HIV/AIDS through Comprehensive, Competent and Compassionate Care Rambabu Neerisetti (India)
SaPC038 Hidden Characteristics of Clinic Based Sex Workers Make Them More Vulnerable to HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh. SM Shirajul Islam (Bangladesh)
SaPC039 Review Of The National HIV Treatment And Care Program Of Pakistan Naveeda Shabbir (Pakistan)
SaPC040 An Overview Of The HIV Treatment and Care Programme In Pakistan Naveeda Shabbir (Pakistan)
SaPC041 A Simple Tool For Monitoring PLWHA At Merauke HIV/AIDS Clinic Maria Margareta Mita (Indonesia)
SaPC042 Empowering People Living with HIV in Health Care Settings: A Case of Heath Care Competency among Asians & Pacific Islander PLWHIV in the USA Byung Chu Kang (USA)
SaPC043 Pediatric HIV Care in Sri Lanka Kulasiri Buddhakorale (SriLanka)
SaPC044 Effectiveness of HIV Care and Treatment Program for Mobile Populations in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam DANG THI NHAT VINH (Vietnam)
SaPC045 Comprehensive knowledge on dental management of HIV/AIDS: a survey on private sector oral health care providers in Andhra Pradesh Prasanth Venela (India)
SaPC046 Serving The Under Served ? Ensuring Anti Retroviral Treatment (ART) for PLHIVs in Bangladesh Samina Choudhury (Bangladesh)
SaPC047 Access to Treatment Wyut Yi Khaing (Myanmar)
SaPC048 Prevalence of CMV Retinitis in Patients with low CD4 in Vietnam Vo Thi Tuyet Nhung (Vietnam)
SaPC049 HIV-HCV Co-infection-A Silent Crisis Among Injecting Drug Users in North East India Meeta Mahar (India)
SaPC050 The Initiation Of ARV Treatment In Malaysian Prisons To Achieve Universal Access Challenge Mohd Nasir Abdul Aziz (Malaysia)
SaPC051 Barriers in Achieving Universal Access to HIV Prevention, Care, and Treatment Services in India Murali Shanmugam (India)
SaPC053 ARV using situation assesment in Vietnam Thanh Nguyen Thi Vu (Vietnam)
SaPC054 The Experience of Active Injection Drug Use on Adherence to Antiretroviral Treatment in Aboriginal People Living in Prince George, British Columbia Canada Robert Milligan (Canada)
SaPC055 People On The Brink Zar Ni AUNG (Myanmar)
SaPC056 An Interactive Intervention: A Pilot RCT to Improve Adherence to Antiretroviral Treatment in Thailand KRITTAPAT FUKFON (Thailand)
SaPC057 Building a Systematic Approach to ART Adherence in Pakistan Bettina Schunter (Pakistan)
SaPC058 Which factors are influence to adherence? Khine Aung (Myanmar)
SaPC059 Barriers and Facilitators to Patient’s Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy in Far West, Nepal Kiran Bam (Nepal)
SaPC060 Reduce The Number Of Follow Up Loss In Patients Recieving ARVs Maria Maturbongs (Indonesia)
SaPC061 Socio Demographic Characteristic In Relation To ART Adherence Behaviour Among HIV Positives in Kolkata, India PROTIM RAY (India)
SaPC062 Strategies To Overcome Barriers To Service Access For Female Injecting Drug Users And Spouses Of Male IDUs Phillip Laishram (India)
SaPC063 Treatment Access For Positive MSM In Singapore Arthur Lim (Singapore)
SaPC064 HIV Workplace Program in Mongolia Tsevelmaa Baldan (Mongolia)
SaPC065 HIV/AIDS in the Asia & Pacific Region: Collective Visualization of Effective Interventions and solutions for attainment of MDG-6 (a&b) by Local Young Researchers Maheswar Satpathy (India)
SaPC066 Behind the Seams: Examining Employee HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceptions in Levi Strauss South Korea Joanne Lim-Pousard (USA)
SaPC067 AOS Finds the Best Way to Provide Care for Children Affected by HIV/AIDS Ying Zhang (China)
SaPC068 Moulding Adolescents Living With HIV To Have Social Commitment ? A Challenge In India Sam Vazhamattom (India)
SaPC069 Threat of HIV/AIDS on Children in Myanmar: Social and Psychological Health Consequences Myo-Myo Mon (Myanmar)
SaPC071 Meeting the Challenges of Improved Access to Care and Support in Face of Changing Epidemiology Tayyaba Rashid (Pakistan)
SaPC072 Analysis of Prevention Response and Modes of Transmission Study (MOT), in Kerala State, India Manuel Kumar (India)
SaPC073 Building Capacities Of Health Care Professionals In Comprehensive Care - Karnataka, South India Elizabeth Michael (India)
SaPC074 Expanding Technical Support to Strengthen Global Fund-supported HIV Programming in South Asia Joydeep Sen (India)
SaPC075 Preliminary Results of the Vietnam Methadone Maintenance Therapy Group Forum Ngoc Ha Nguyen (Vietnam)
SaPC076 Building a Comprehensive HIV Response in Bali Asti Widihastuti (Indonesia)
SaPC077 The NGO Workplace - How enabling is it? Syed Saud Akhtar (India)
SaPC078 Strengthening Health Systems by Promoting Infection Prevention Protocols in Community Care Centres of Coastal Andhra Pradesh Rambabu Neerisetti (India)
SaPC080 Social support for teenager with frontotemporal epilepsy, sexual addiction and HIV Kristiana Kurniasanti (Indonesia)
SaPC081 Need to bridge the gap of care and support service for CLHIVs who are already in adulthood. Randhir Chabungbam (India)
SaPC082 Monitoring of services and the CD4 levels in HIV/AIDS patients of Sankhumlungjai Holistic Center. Chiangkham hospital, Phayao province. Archaraporn Chaikla (Thailand)
SaPC083 Active Participation of 30 Sub-Districts “WPA” in Bandung City on HIV-AIDS Response Martin Kurniawan (Indonesia)
SaPC084 Impact of Microcredit on the Lives of People Living with HIV / AIDS"Studies conducted in the city of Kinshasa province, 2008 NDOKABILYA EUSTACHE (Zaire)
SaPC085 Supporting faith based Organizations (FBOS) leaders to educate and support for ppppeople living with HIV Smith Francina (India)
SaPC086 Changes in Nutritional Status of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Champasak Provincial Hospital, Lao PDR, after 1 year of Starting ARV and Nutrition Assessment, Education and Counseling. Belinda Meggitt (Australia)
SaPC087 Effectivity of Psychosocial Intervention for People Living with HIV/AIDS with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Study on Patients in Marzoeki Mahdi Hospital Bogor ) Robby Aditya (Indonesia)
SaPC088 Factor Related Survival of HIV-Infected drug users (IDU’s) in Sardjito Hospital - Yogyakarta Province : a Retrospective Cohort Deshinta Mulya (Indonesia)
SaPC089 Quality of HIV/AIDS Treatment in Migrants, Nakornphanom Province, 2010 Chuthamat Baokhumkong (Thailand)
SaPC090 Tuberculosis and HIV Collaboration in 25 Provinces in Viet Nam Tung Thanh Vu (Vietnam)
SaPC091 Understanding Widows Living with HIV/AIDS: A Study in Manipur Province,India Kamei Beeju (India)
SaPC092 Quantitative Study among Women who Inject Drugs in Manipur Sunita Grote (Germany)
SaPC093 Utilizing Internet and SMS Technologies to Provide Care and Support to Young MSM living with HIV: Experience from the Philippines Igor Mocorro (Philippines)
SaPC094 Care and treatment for MSM/TG infected with HIV/AIDs: A dire needs for community. Rajesh Lama (Nepal)
SaPC095 Supporting Each Other: Technical and Capacity Building Support Provided to Local Community Based Groups and Organisations (CBGOs) in Seven Networks of Groups and Organisations Working on HIV and AIDS Issues in Myanmar Khawn Taung (Myanmar)
SaPC096 What We Do: Services Provided to Beneficiaries by 264 Local Community Based Groups and Organisations (CBGOs) in Seven Networks of Groups and Organisations Working on HIV and AIDS Issues across Myanmar According to Resource Source Chaw Su Latt (Myanmar)
SaPC097 Mobilize the PLHIV to Assess Their Benefits Tao Cai (China)
SaPC098 Involving PLHIV And Treatment Supporters In Assuring Adherence In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam VU SON (Vietnam)
SaPC099 TB/HIV Co- Infection In Nepal: Challenges & Lessons Shyam Thapa (Nepal)
SaPC100 Assistance and support for people who hiv positive sogol sugiono (Indonesia)
SaPC102 Improved Quality of Life among Women, Children Living with HIV/AIDS through Drop-In-Centres Rambabu Neerisetti (India)
SaPC103 Long-Term Care and Support for People Living with HIV/AIDS at an Outpatient Setting in Japan Miki KOYAMA (Japan)
Track D. Building and Supporting Leaders and Advocates - Politics, Economy, Religion, Culture, Youth,
SaPD001 Mandatory Testing HIV, Women Migrant Workers, and Human Right Rosmiati Sain (Indonesia)
SaPD002 Making The Voice Of The Community Heard In National HIV/AIDS Agenda Fook Then Tai (Malaysia)
SaPD004 Using Popularity Of Soccer for HIV Prevention: An Experience From Bangladesh Mohammad Mahabubur Rahman (Bangladesh)
SaPD005 Indirect Exposure to a HIV Prevention Mass Media Campaign in Nepal Sara Devkota (Nepal)
SaPD006 Impacts of First Media Conference in harm reduction: Building capacity and promoting change Ananda Pun (Nepal)
SaPD007 How to Creat an Effective Multi-Sector Cooperation Mechanism in HIV Prevention Program HONG ZHENG (China)
SaPD008 Multi-Sector Involvement for an Effective Response to HIV/AIDS Sovann Nou (Cambodia)
SaPD009 A Successful Needle Syringe Program (NSP) Policy Advocacy Lin Duo (China)
SaPD010 The Challenges of Forming A Youth Network in South Asia Amila Rajapaksha (SriLanka)
SaPD011 Indonesia Research Working-Group:joining forces academics/resaerchers and civil society for local-evidence-based AIDS responses Ingrid Atmosukarto (Indonesia)
SaPD012 Advocacy for Discriminatory Provincial Local Law Number 4 Year in 2010 on AIDS of South Sulawesi, Indonesia Aini La Husein (Indonesia)
SaPD013 To reduce HIV transmission and hence preventing a generalized epidemic resulting in enhanced quality of life of vulnerable groups in Balochistan Atta Ul Haq (Pakistan)
SaPD014 Treatment 0.0: How Free Trade Agreements In The Asia-Pacific Region Threaten The Future Of Universal Access Kajal Bhardwaj (India)
SaPD015 Evaluation of Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA)’s Expert Training Program to Improve Laboratory Infrastructure on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria Jinnie Rhee (Republic of Korea)
SaPD016 Bilateral Cooperation between Thailand and Lao PDR : How to strengthen the mechanism of Memorandum of Understanding THEERAYUTH KAEWSING (Thailand)
SaPD017 Integrated Voice Response System, a Cost-Effective Rapid Assessment Tool for HIV Interventions amongst Semi-Literate Garment Workers, Bangalore. Shalini Gambhir (India)
SaPD018 Climate Change Zin Mar Lwin (Myanmar)
SaPD019 Sex and Death at Huli Funerals Philip Gibbs (New Zealand)
SaPD020 The Importance of Targetted Tools in Sharing HIV Information among Specific High Risk Community Irawati Hapsari Hendratno (Indonesia)
SaPD021 Against Stigma And Discrimination Through Advocating Faith Leaders Billy Sumuan (Indonesia)
SaPD022 Community System Strengthening Integration Project: Asia Revanta Dharmarajah (SriLanka)
SaPD023 Role of Religion in Discouraging Gender Based Violence And Reducing The Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS in Myanmar Asgar Hussein (Myanmar)
SaPD024 Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Establishing a Community Based Friend Center (P1) Versus Implementing a Training Course for Men Who Have Sex with Men (P2). Sittikorn Rongsumlee (Thailand)
SaPD025 Effective HIV Prevention Campaign Using Web and Mobile Technologies: An Experience From Bangladesh Mohammad Mahabubur Rahman (Bangladesh)
SaPD026 Using Cultural Art to Fight against HIV in Rural China Li Ding (China)
SaPD027 Limited Mobility Is Still Barriers Of Rural Women In Accessing Information ? A Study Of A Short Film In Bangladesh Shaikh Masudul Alam (Bangladesh)
SaPD028 Overlooked! Lets Know Thyself - A qualitative study on Cultural Factors in Transmission, Prevention, Care, and Treatment of HIV and AIDS in Bangladesh Tony Michael Gomes (Bangladesh)
SaPD029 Culture And the HIV Epidemic in the Yi Ethnic General Population - Preliminary Results Ru-nan Zhou (China)
SaPD030 Decentralized AIDS Response in Nepal Rajan Kumar Bhattarai (Nepal)
SaPD031 Healthy Sexuality: Using Museums for Preventive Education Justine Sass (USA)
SaPD032 An Entertainment Center-based STD/AIDS Educational Program among Migrant Young Adults Through Existing Family Planning Service Network in Eastern China Xiaoming Sun (China)
SaPD033 Enhanced National Coordination Mechanisms for More Effective Drug Dependence Treatment and HIV Prevention Services in Indonesia Tutut Purwanti (Indonesia)
SaPD034 Capacity Building of Community Advocates MOHAMMAD KHAN (Pakistan)
SaPD035 Development, Dependency and HIV Vulnerability in the Pacific Heather Worth (Australia)
SaPD036 Churches as Channels of Hope for PLWHAs: World Vision’s Experience in Engaging Faith Communities Alain Dizon (Philippines)
SaPD039 We are Human, Humane, What about You? Yulia Andriyanti (Indonesia)
SaPD040 Cook Islands Chrisitan Church Congregation Demistfy the Myths of HIV Patience Vainerere (Cook Islands)
SaPD041 Study On Impact Of Religious Belief, Traditions, & Customs On Religious Males Who Have Sex With Males Arif amaaan Anees (India)
SaPD042 Faith-based Organisations (FBOs) Addressing HIV in Papua New Guinea (PNG) - Between Worlds and Beyond Dichotomies Patti Shih (Australia)
SaPD043 Integrated HIV, Sex and Sexuality Education: Lessons from Conservative Settings Yuanita Marini (Indonesia)
SaPD044 Empowering faith-based community to support HIV prevention efforts through focal points strategy in Timor Leste Titin Rejeki (Indonesia)
SaPD045 The Influence of Religion and its Challenges for AIDS and Sex Education - From the Perspective of Christianity and Buddhism - Yuri Kinoshita (Japan)
SaPD046 The importance of Strengthening Financial Management Budi Harnanto (Indonesia)
SaPD047 Building Financial Autonomy For Program Sustainability Heri Susanto (Indonesia)
SaPD049 Using a Brazilian animation Film in a South Indian Context, to address sex & gender issues. Muthuvelan Sampath (India)
SaPD050 You Go, Girl! Gender Differences in Levi Strauss’ Employee HIV/AIDS Knowledge and Perceptions in Asia Joanne Lim-Pousard (USA)
SaPD051 Involving Youth People to Develop the Media of Communication, Information, and Education. Andra Septian (Indonesia)
SaPD052 The evaluation of knowledge, attitude and risk behavior among youth in Bangkok academic Nutchanart Kaeodumkoeng (Thailand)
SaPD053 Strengthening The Collaboration Between ART And ERNA And To Explore The New Area Of Working On HIV/AIDS Programs Somsri Tantipaibulvut (Thailand)
SaPD054 Enhanced Role of South Sulawesi Government in HIV/AIDS Response ? a Case Study from Indonesia Sumarto Sumarto (Indonesia)
SaPD055 Economic Empowerment for the Street-Based Female Sex Workers: Breakthrough in Lives and Livelihood Sharmina Rahman (Bangladesh)
SaPD056 Providing Forward And Backward Linkages To PLHIV For Livelihood Support Tiran Peiris (SriLanka)
SaPD057 Livelihood Improvement Helped Strengthen Networking among PLWHA Thai Pham (Vietnam)
SaPD058 Global Meet Local and Local Meet Local on Smart Phone Gay Applications: Representation, Risk, and Vulnerability to HIV RONNAPOOM SAMAKKEEKAROM (Thailand)
Track E. Engaging Communities for Effective Responses - PLWHA, MSM, Sex Worker, Transgender,
                 IDU, Migrant, People in Prison
SaPE001 Using Photos as an Evaluation Tool in HIV Prevention Programs: Lessons From the Dove Club Project in Hanoi Chad Hughes (Australia)
SaPE002 HIV Prevention Service Coverage for Men Having Sex with Men in 4 Provinces in Viet Nam Thanh Cong Duong (Vietnam)
SaPE003 Building Community Resilience Against the Susceptibility to HIV, AIDS & STIs Through the Creative Arts Pshamindra Samuel (SriLanka)
SaPE004 The Perceived Barriers of Taking HIV Test (VCT) Among IDUs in West Java, Who Have Not Tested Yet. Harry Suherman (Indonesia)
SaPE005 Establishment of internet based peer counseling for MSM in Vietnam Thien Pham (Vietnam)
SaPE006 Engaging Youth and Communities Through Music and Sport: A Multimedia Approach to Prevent HIV/AIDS in Northeast India Aradhana Johri (India)
SaPE007 “Safe Travel Kit” Unique Tool of HIV Prevention Program for Migrant in Nepal Pulkit Choudhary (Nepal)
SaPE008 Going Beyond Counselling: Addressing the Needs of Perinatally HIV Infected Adolescents Manik Pardhe (India)
SaPE009 Migration as a Major Risk Factor for Spread of HIV in the Sub-districts of Kerala State, India Babu Cheku (India)
SaPE010 Integrating HIV and AIDS into our Daily Lives Esiah Eino (Papua New Guinea)
SaPE011 Evidence-based Policy Making for Prevention and Control of HIV amongst Migrants in India. ARADHANA JOHRI (India)
SaPE012 Laundas In India Transgender Migration and HIV Agniva Lahiri (India)
SaPE013 Association Between HIV and Sexual Violence in the Context of Mobility Among Female Sex Workers in Andhra Pradesh, India Sowmya Ramesh (India)
SaPE014 Expression of Repression Miraz Thakuri (Nepal)
SaPE015 Anal Sex Among Female Sex Workers And Clients: Neglected Risk Factor In HIV Prevention Programs John Anthony (India)
SaPE016 Awareness and Changing Lifestyle Practices in the Aftermath of Civil Conflict Pshamindra Samuel (SriLanka)
SaPE017 Faith, Condom-use and HIV Programming: Responding to the Vulnerabilities of High Risk Groups (HRG) Pshamindra Samuel (SriLanka)
SaPE018 Effectiveness of Peer Education among Withdrawal Members after Compulsory Detoxification Zhongquan Tao (China)
SaPE019 10 Years of HIV/ AIDS Activism in Nepal: Opportunities and Threat to Epidemic Basanta Bahadur Bhatta Chettri (Nepal)
SaPE020 Factors Affecting Success in Promoting AIDS Competence in Cambodia, Thailand, and the Philippines Dusit Duangsa (Thailand)
SaPE021 Finding The Words To Say It: Positioning The Positive Voice In HIV Prevention Kathleen Triffitt (Australia)
SaPE022 Participatory Assessment of Community Mobilisation Among High-Risk Groups (HRGs) in Six States in India Sowmyaa Bharadwaj (India)
SaPE023 Community mobilization among people who used drugs: A complete failure in Manipur context. Ishwarchandra Singh Haobam (India)
SaPE024 Integrating Traditional Healers in the Health Systems for HIV/AIDS Prevention among Indigenous Population: An Experience from Bangladesh Shariful Islam (Bangladesh)
SaPE025 United Action For Insurance Schemes For Women Living With HIV MAHALINGAM PERIASAMY (India)
SaPE026 A Comparative Study On Impact Of Community Based Response & Composite Programmes In Two Cities Of Uttar Pradesh For MSM Arif amaaan Anees (India)
SaPE027 Mobile Library Information Dissemination (MLID) Service Helping PLHIV/MSM/TG to Respond Against HIV in Rural West Bengal, India Soma Karmakar (India)
SaPE029 Initiative of HIV/STIs IBBS in migrant worker, Thailand 2010 Mr.SAHAPHAP POONKESORN (Thailand)
SaPE031 Donors and Programe Planners Should be Careful in Providing Support to Community Based (Self-Help) Groups/Organizations (CBGOs) Abdul Kader (Myanmar)
SaPE032 Life Skill Courses For Kothis (Feminised Males) And Sustainability Options Imran Khan (India)
SaPE033 PLWHA Empowerment and Strong Local Advocacy to Ensure Sustainability of Comprehensive Care and Support Program Outcomes in Vietnam Du Vu (Vietnam)
SaPE034 Men Who Have Sex With Men; Advocating to Reduce Stigma and Discrimination in Timor Leste, a Post Conflict, Low Income Country Apricio De Oliveira (East Timor)
SaPE035 Towards a caring world-can we grow together? Building a Multi-stakeholder & participatory model of Healthcare planning and Delivery in India Maheswar Satpathy (Australia)
SaPE036 Engaging Communities for Effective Response in HIV Prevention and Reduce Stigma and Discrimination. Habiba Akter (Bangladesh)
SaPE037 An excellent experience for preventing HIV/AIDSEngaging female sex workers community from Bangladesh Shahnaz Begum (Bangladesh)
SaPE038 Research on Current Situation and Influencing Factors on Service Capability Of MSM Community Based Organizations in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Area Meizhe Xin (China)
SaPE039 Long term Technical Support more responsive for Working with Civil Society Vatola Sok (Cambodia)
SaPE040 Networking through Capacity building for women living with HIV in Vietnam to participate in a meaningful way into the national program to prevent HIV/AIDS. Yen Thi Hoang Nguyen (Vietnam)
SaPE041 AIDS Competent Community in Cambodia Vichet Lok (Cambodia)
SaPE042 Structural Intervention Is A Key To Reverse Hiv Epidemic Among Sex Worker Setyo Warsono (Indonesia)
SaPE043 Advocacy From The Ground Up - Experiences of the Community Advocacy Initiative in Indonesia, Laos and Vietnam Rodelyn Marte (Philippines)
SaPE044 Building hopes and confidence on People Living With HIV (PLHIV) through Empowerment Workshop Seng Cheong Heow (Malaysia)
SaPE045 Pokhara Declaration in IDUs Community Raj Kumar Gurung (Nepal)
SaPE046 Positive Development Foundation Najab Ali (Pakistan)
SaPE047 Social Stigma And HIV Vulnerability Of Mobile Women Induced By Their Cross Border Mobility Mohammed Islam (Bangladesh)
SaPE048 Community Empowerment, among Female Sex Workers (FSWs), through Peer Progression Approach. Muhammad safdar kamal Pasha (Pakistan)
SaPE049 HIV/AIDS/STI Intervention Among The Most At Risk Population- Putting Peer Educators in Bantey Meanchey Province Hot-Spot, Cambodia Pisey Kilin (Cambodia)
SaPE050 Gendered Pattern In Sti Related Knowledge And Attitude Among Workers Of 8 Garment Factories In Sri Lanka Kumarendran Balachandran (SriLanka)
SaPE051 Polling Booth Surveys to Examine Sexual and Condom Use Behavior in Low Prevalence Setting in India Sudipta Mondal (India)
SaPE052 Red Cross Popularized Condom Utilization in Migrant Worker Communities Xiao Yang (China)
SaPE053 Condom Use Behavior among Female Sex Workers in Low Prevalence Setting: Polling Booth Survey Results Sudipta Mondal (India)
SaPE054 Sensitizing Young Adolescents’ Boys on Sex Education & HIV/AIDS in a School Setting Rajapalayam Sangaiya Thevar Balan Arivalagan (India)
SaPE055 Forced Sex – Sexual Quicksand in the Pacific.   Avelina    Rokoduru  ()
SaPE056 The Needs PLHIV and Function of NGO-initiated Scholarship for the National HIV/AIDS Conference in Japan Tomoko Ohtsuki (Japan)
SaPE057 Doing HIV Advocacy as a National HIV - Positive Role Model; Mr Hibiscus King from Fiji Joeli Colati (Fiji)
SaPE059 Voices and Choices of HIV Positive Women in Thailand Areerak Oumim (Thailand)
SaPE060 Building Bridges of Hope through Individualized Livelihood Planning Rachana Phok (Cambodia)
SaPE061 The Story Of Estrela+, A PLHIV Network, GIPA In A Post Conflict Country. Ines Lopez (East Timor)
SaPE062 GIPA/MIPA - “Building Capacity in Advocacy and Promoting The Participation of PLHA” Basanta Bahadur Bhatta Chettri (Nepal)
SaPE063 A Battle for Greater Involvement of PLHA led Organization in Huge Programs Heten Thapa (Nepal)
SaPE065 Evidence-based IEC Material Development Targeting Men Who Have Sex with Men in China Kai Wang (China)
SaPE066 Sexual Workers’ Behavioral Intervention at Horgos Port , Xinxiang Region CUILING ZHANG (China)
SaPE067 HIV Knowledge & Social Network Clustering from a Respondent-Driven Sample (RDS) of Sex Workers (SW) Wing Young Nicola Man (Australia)
SaPE069 A Survey on the Actual Conditions of the Educational Activities for HIV Prevention in Japanese Rural Areas AKIKO MIYAGI (Japan)
SaPE070 Producing HIV Preventive Educational Material Suitable for Usage in Japanese Rural Areas? From Target -Specific Material to Versatile One AKIKO MIYAGI (Japan)
SaPE071 Pioneering Web Base HIV/AIDS And Sexuality Help Portal To Reach Out To MARPS In Malaysia, A Muslim Country Wing Kien Kwan (Malaysia)
SaPE072 Development of Voluntarism in Support of Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Living with HIV and AIDS Erman Varella (Indonesia)
SaPE073 Effectiveness of community driven communication campaign targeting Men who have sex with men (MSM) in Tamil Nadu, India. Edwin Sam Asirvatham (India)
SaPE074 Benefits of Low Cost IDU Behaviour and Satisfaction Surveys Conducted by Service Providers Ratna Kusmiati Soehoed (Indonesia)
SaPE075 Enabling the role of family members in preventing relapse at the community level. Dung Hoang (Vietnam)
SaPE076 Drug Use-Related HIV Risk and the Male-Dominated Social Network of Women Who Inject Drugs in Yogyakarta and Central Java, Indonesia Elan Lazuardi (Indonesia)
SaPE077 Making the difference: Community Based Harm reduction Initiative in Nepal Ananda Pun (Nepal)
SaPE078 Personal Profile and Health Seeking Behaviours of the Injecting Drug Users in Dhaka City, Bangladesh Shariful Islam (Bangladesh)
SaPE079 Making harm reduction more effective through Peer_led Phychosocial Support in MMT Clinics of Guangxi, China Fang Lan (China)
SaPE080 Spouse Of Injecting Drug Users: A Potential Bridging Population Needs More Attention To Prevent HIV Spread Dr. Shahrear Farid (Bangladesh)
SaPE081 Striving for Transformation through Empowered People (STEP) Rehabilitation & Reintegration in Vietnam Minh Huynh (Vietnam)
SaPE082 Partnerships Between Local Authorities and CBO Working with IDUs Contribute to High Methadone Adherence Rate in SIchuan, China. Xin Fang (China)
SaPE083 To Condom Or Not: Case Studies Of Gay Men in Penang, Malaysia Mark Felix (Malaysia)
SaPE084 Addressing Overlapping Risks and Comprehensive HIV Prevention for a Chinese Transgender Population Matthew Avery (China)
SaPE085 Market Economy, Spatial Transformation and HIV among Gay Men in Northeast China Xiaoxing Fu (China)
SaPE086 Lack of Service Intervention For Partners/Wives And Children Of Married MSM/Transgender Raju Lama (Nepal)
SaPE087 Use of social media to reach TG population Donovan LO (Singapore)
Track F. Overcoming Human Rights, Legal and Policy Barriers
SaPF001 The Law Enforcement and Harm Reduction Network:Working Together, Sharing Success Nicole Turner (Australia)
SaPF002 Creating and Utilising Network For a Better Tomorrow Fagalima Tuatagaloa (Western Samoa)
SaPF003 Documenting Human Rights Violations Against Males Who Have Sex With Males And Advocating For Policy Changes Imran Khan (India)
SaPF004 Protecting the Employment Rights of People with HIV in Sri Lanka Richard Howard (USA)
SaPF005 Legal Recognition of Same-sex Partnerships in Hong Kong: A Public Health Perspective Eva LY Kwok (Hong Kong)
SaPF006 Documenting Case Histories Of Trauma Issues Of Males Who Have Sex With Males And Advocate For Better Policies For MSM. Aadil Rasheed (India)
SaPF007 Towards Human Rights Say “No Condom ? No Sex”: Factors Related to Increasing Sustainable Condom Use Saranya Boonyai (Thailand)
SaPF009 Assessing the extent of violence among Key Population (KP) Armin Neogi (India)
SaPF010 Human Rights Impact Assessments and the Right to Health in Drug Policy Patrick Gallahue (Ireland)
SaPF011 Community-based Response To Fight For Rights of Health in Nusa Tenggara Barat Province: Multi-stakeholder Approach. Frederik Malada (Indonesia)
SaPF012 Fight for appropriate right Shailesh Dhimal (Nepal)
SaPF013 NGOs - Practice what you preach! Bianca Simons (Netherlands)
SaPF014 Vulnerability Situation of Women in Bangladesh Pushes Them to Migrate to India Exposing Them to Contact HIV&AIDS and STI. Mohammad Islam (Bangladesh)
SaPF015 Possible impact the Criminalization of HIV might have & the issues relating to Testing. Cheap Foh Low (Malaysia)
SaPF016 Time to Decriminalize Sex Work for HIV prevention and control in China Zuhui Xu (China)
SaPF017 Disadvantages and Efforts in Safe Sex Negotiation: Stories of Female Sex Workers Infected with STIs/HIV in Haiphong City, Vietnam Du Vu (Vietnam)
SaPF018 The Uneffectiveness of HIV/AIDS Local Regulation in East Java Siti Rahayu Nadhiroh (Indonesia)
SaPF019 Barriers in Access to Justice and Legal Redress among People Living with HIV in the Philippines Jeffry Acaba (Philippines)