How to Take Care of Pineapple Trees to Fruit Fast

How to Take Care of Pineapple Trees to Fruit Fast

Icaap10 – Pineapple is a fruit that comes from tropical plants in the region of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. Pineapple plants belong to the bromeliad family. As a tropical fruit plant, pineapple is also easy to find and is widely cultivated in Indonesia. How to grow pineapple is not too difficult either.

Pineapples have a small plant size. The fruiting period of pineapples is herbaceous or chronic. A pineapple can have at least 30 long, pointed leaves. The fruit of the pineapple is called pineapple in English because it looks like a pine tree. The name pineapple itself comes from the name of the Tupi people for this fruit, namely anana which means very good fruit. Find out how to grow honey pineapple.

Pineapple has the particularity of having scales on the skin of the fruit. This plant can develop young plants or the crown of the fruit which is a means of vegetative propagation of plants. Pineapple itself has several benefits, including improving the digestive performance of the human body and the ability to reduce acne.

Here is a full explanation of how to take care of a pineapple so that it bears fruit quickly:

  • Pineapples can be propagated by shoots from stems or stem cuttings. Choose a good healthy mother plant for the pineapple plants to grow well and healthily so that they can bear fruit quickly. See how to plant flowers at 8 o’clock using cuttings.
  • Make sure the pineapple plant is planted in good soil. The best time to cultivate the land is a month before the start of the rainy season. This is so that the time of sowing coincides with the rainy season, so that the plants have sufficient watering. Pay attention to how to plant large hot peppers during the rainy season and how to care for melon plants during the rainy season.
  • The pineapple plants themselves can be planted in rice paddies, fields or in private yards. Make sure the soil used is free of grass or other wild plants that can inhibit the growth of pineapple plants.
  • The ideal pH of a suitable planting medium for pineapples is soil with a pH of around 5 to 6. If the soil conditions are too acidic, lime dolomite can be added to increase the alkalinity level.
  • Do not plant pineapple plants too close to each other. Make sure a plant with other pineapple plants has enough space
  • After the pineapple seeds are one or two months old, do some embroidery so you can replace the pineapple seeds that grow imperfectly or die.
  • Do you regularly weed or clean the planting area of ​​weeds or weeds that can interfere with the growth of pineapple plants?
  • Accumulate to improve soil conditions in the pineapple planting area so that the plants emerging from it are hardy. This step can be done at the same time as weeding.
  • Fertilization of pineapple plants can be done when the plants are 2 or 3 months old. Post-fertilization can be done every three to four months until the pineapple blooms.
  • Pineapple plants can withstand dry weather, but in order for plants to grow and bear fruit quickly, they must have enough water. Plants can be watered every few days or once a week.
  • Pineapples can usually be harvested 1 to 2 years after planting. Plants that can be harvested have an open fruit crown, a shrinking stem, a yellowish color, and a distinctive pineapple aroma of the fruit.

Hence an explanation on how to take care of a pineapple so that it bears fruit quickly. It can be helpful.